CSAM-SMCA Certification is valid as long as the certificate remains a member of CSAM and a member in good standing of their licensing body and the CFPC/FRCP/CMQ.   Members obtain certification by fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Hold a medical license from Canada that is in good standing with the licensing authority
  • Successful completion of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) examination, or the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)
  • Recipients of a Certificate of Added Competence (CAC) in Addiction Medicine from the Canadian College of Family Physicians through the leader route will be considered without completion of the ISAM or ABAM examination.
  • Successful completion of postgraduate medical training with certification from one of the following three:
    1. College des Médecins du Québec
    2. Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
    3. College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  • Current membership in the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine (Certificants may consent to have their names on the CSAM-SMCA webpage)
  •  CSAM-SMCA Certificants will adhere to the following requirements for the duration of CSAM-SMCA Certification:
    1. Maintain membership (i.e. status as good-standing) in the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine AND:
    2. Participate in CSAM-related activities and/or other efforts to advance the field of addiction medicine in Canada.
  • Provide an up-to-date CV
  • Provide two (2) brief reference letters from a member in good standing of CSAM, ISAM, or ABAM.  Letter of reference must be sent to the CSAM office direct from the author, and be independent of the other documents submitted by the applicant.  There is no reference letter requirement if the applicant’s date of ISAM or ABAM exam or receipt of CAC is within the last two (2) years. GUIDELINE
  • A personal statement outlining your experience in addiction medicine, and why you are pursuing CSAM certification. GUIDELINE

If a candidate is unable to meet any of the above certification requirements please contact CSAM for discussion.  A $100 processing fee is also required.

Applications for certification will be received yearly until August 1, then reviewed by the committee and awarded at the annual conference.  You will be advised by August 30 if you are a successful candidate.


Full Name City, Province
Dr. Robert Baker Kamloops, BC
Dr. Mandy Manak Kamloops, BC
Dr. Orlando Passerin Kamloops, BC
Dr. Shaik Ali Maple Creek, BC
Dr. Larina Reyes-Smith Mission, BC
Dr. Merville Vincent Nanoose Bay, BC
Dr. Charles Whelton Qualicum Beach, BC
Dr. Paul Farnan Richmond, BC
Dr. David Evans Richmond, BC
Dr. Lynda MacBeath Shawnigan Lake, BC
Dr. Karen Hossack Station Whonnock, BC
Dr. Robert Pereira Surrey, BC
Dr. Paul Sobey Surrey, BC
Dr. Mark Riley Surrey, BC
Dr. Daniel Pare Vancouver, BC
Dr. Karen Arnold Vancouver, BC
Dr. William Hay Vancouver, BC
Dr. Gary Horvath Vancouver, BC
Dr. Ramm Hering Victoria, BC
Dr. Doug McGhee Victoria, BC
Dr. Lucila Nerenberg Victoria, BC
Dr. Lorinda Spooner West Vancouver, BC
Dr. Sonia Habibian West Vancouver, BC
Dr. Nady el-Guebaly Calgary, AB
Dr. Raju Hajela Calgary, AB
Dr. Laura Evans Calgary, AB
Dr. William Campbell Calgary, AB
Dr. Ronald Lim Calgary, AB
Dr. Samuel Oluwadairo Calgary, AB
Dr. David Crockford Calgary, AB
Dr. Hugh Colohan Calgary, AB
Dr. Robert Tanguay Calgary, AB
Dr. Monty Ghosh Calgary, AB
Dr. Lydia Vezina Calgary, AB
Dr. Harbir Gill Calgary, AB
Dr. Krishna Balachandra Edmonton, AB
Dr.Omar Rahaman Edmonton, AB
Dr. Leo O. Lanoie Prince Albert, SK
Dr. Wilhelmina Wildenboer-Williams Regina, SK
Dr. Morag Fisher Winnipeg, MB
Dr. Conrad Sichler Burlington, ON
Dr. Dale Pepper Dover Centre, ON
Dr. Graeme Cunningham Guelph, ON
Dr. Wendy Tolmie Guelph, ON
Dr. Mir Mazhar Kingston, ON
Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu London, ON
Dr. Martin Schleich London, ON
Dr. Trevor Gillmore Maple, ON
Dr. Gaurav Mehta Newmarket, ON
Dr. Darren Holub Oakville, ON
Dr. Linda Robinson Ottawa, ON
Dr. Louis Morissette Ottawa, ON
Dr. Melanie Willows Ottawa, ON
Dr. Christine Saveland Ottawa, ON
Dr. Krishna Balachandra Richmond Hill, ON
Dr. Gary Barwitzki Sarnia, ON
Dr. Richard Kimacovich St. Catherines, ON
Dr. Sridhar Nilam St. Catherines, ON
Dr. Fraser MacKay St. Catherines, ON
Dr. David Marsh Thunder Bay, ON
Dr. Paul Mulzer Thunder Bay, ON
Dr. Chris Cavacuiti Toronto, ON
Dr. I. Michael Kaufmann Toronto, ON
Dr. Michael Lester Toronto, ON
Dr. Lisa Lefebvre Toronto, ON
Dr. Maris Andersons Toronto, ON
Dr. Bonnie Madonik Toronto, ON
Dr. Jeff Daiter Toronto, ON
Dr. Michael Varenbut Toronto, ON
Dr. Robert Cooper Toronto, ON
Dr. Peter Farago Windsor, ON
Dr. Jean Pierre Chiasson Montreal, QC
Dr. Joesph Cox Montreal, QC
Dr. David Luckow Montreal, QC
Dr. Jean Perreault St. Joseph-du-Lac, QC
Dr. William Doran Wolfville, NS
Dr. David Martell Lunenburg, NS
Dr. Stephen Darcy St Johns, NL
Dr. Claudia Kraft Yellowknife, NT