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To encourage sharing new research findings, we have extended our poster submission deadline to August 1. This extension applies to everyone, so submit your electronic poster idea today!



The ISAM-CSAM 2020 conference will now be a fully virtual experience! In light of Covid 19, the British Columbia government has restricted gatherings to less than 50 people. As such, a live event will not take place in Victoria. We recognize that virtual will increasingly become the norm and are prepared as well as enthusiastic about the transition. We will be hosting an interesting, interactive and educational online event November 12-14th, 2020! Expect emailed updates and further information as the process develops.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to ISAM-CSAM 2020. ISAM members, CSAM members, ISAM affiliate society members and non-members are invited to submit abstracts and proposals for presentations. Please review these instructions carefully. The abstracts will be used to develop an exciting conference that will present new research findings, recent clinical updates and diverse ideas in addiction.

  1. Abstracts on all aspects of addiction are welcome.
  2. We encourage students, young investigators, researchers and health care providers from diverse organizations and fields to submit abstracts.
  3. The objectives for the abstracts at the conference are to:
    • Present new scientific research
    • Present best practices in addiction medicine
    • Promote evidence-based treatments, care and interventions
    • Present original, new work based on the latest evidence and data
    • Encourage sharing of diverse perspectives on addictions treatments and recovery
  4. Abstracts will be reviewed by members of the Scientific Conference Committee for quality, scientific value, interest to conference registrants and overall appropriateness for inclusion in the program. Decisions of the Scientific Conference Committee are final.
  5. Incomplete abstracts cannot be submitted.
  6. All mandatory fields must be completed. Enter N/A if a field does not apply to your submission.
  7. Incomplete abstract forms cannot be saved for submission later. Review these instructions and the Abstract Submission Form in advance to ensure you have all the information needed before beginning a submission.
  8. Do not use stigmatizing language.
  9. Use generic pharmaceutical names.
  10. Written abstracts and presentations must be free of commercial bias.
  11. Submissions cannot be used to advertise or advocate for a specific commercial interest.
  12. In order to access the Abstract Submission Form, the Presenter must login. You must have a CSAM membership to login. If you do not already have a CSAM membership, you must complete a free abstract profile (membership). The abstract profile (membership) can be accessed here.
  13. ISAM & CSAM members are eligible for lower conference registration rates. Consider joining ISAM or CSAM today! 
  14. Instructions for the specific fields in the Abstract Submission Form:
    • Title
    • Abstract body: Max 300 words. Include objective, methods, results and conclusions when applicable
    • Keywords: Choose up to 3 from the list available. You can find the list of keywords here
    • Short biography: This is required for accreditation and for introduction of the presenter; 50 words maximum about the lead presenter. Consider listing affiliations and current professional roles
    • Learning objectives: Two learning objectives are required.  For each, enter a phrase to complete the sentence, “By the completion of this presentation, attendees will be able to….”
    • References: List 2 scientific reports/publications or other sources of information that provide research or background information for your abstract.  Enter N/A if there are no references.
    • Complete the questions about consent to recording or publication, submitting slides in advance, and event information
    • Author information and Presenter information:
      • Correspondence will be only with the Presenter, who must notify other authors of the abstract. The Conference Committee is not responsible for notification emails not received due to incorrect contact information
      • Author affiliation refers to the organization (university, clinic, business, etc) of the Lead Author
      • The authors will be listed as the authors of the abstract in any publication about/with the abstract (e.g. the conference program); maximum of 5 authors/abstract
      • Presenter refers to the person who will attend the conference to deliver the presentation or show the poster. This is generally the Lead Author.
      • Presentation Type refers to the requested format for sharing the abstract. There is a revised list of presentation types this year:
          • Symposium: 90 minute sessions intended to give attendees an in-depth understanding on a specific clinical or scientific topic.  Typically presented in a structured didactic format composed of a number of related presentations (2 to 5).  An abstract for the “Symposium Overview” and EACH “Symposium Presentation” MUST be submitted.  Indicate in the “comments” box the title of the symposium and the related presentations.  Allow 25% of time for questions as required in CME guidelines.
          • Workshop: 60 or 90 minute sessions intended to give attendees an in-depth understanding of a focused topic.  Workshops are expected to use interactive and experiential teaching formats such as small group discussions, case-examples, demonstrations, interactive polls and other skill-building exercises.  Didactic presentations submitted as workshops will be declined.
          • Professional Development: 60 or 90 minute sessions focused on personal or professional skills (e.g. leadership, practice management, advocacy, career development, scientific writing, etc.).  Open to different presentation formats, a minimum of 25% of time must be for questions or other interactive learning.
          • Oral Presentation: 10-20 minute didactic presentation of a clinical or scientific report.  Usually for presenting new research findings.  Oral presentations on similar topics will be grouped together into 90 minute Topic Sessions.
          • Poster Presentation:  An opportunity to share addiction-related ideas, research, or clinical work.  Presenters are required to prepare both physical and electronic posters.  Poster boards provide a space of 4’ x 4’ per poster.  Posters must be set up on the morning of Thursday, November 12th and removed no later than Friday, November 13th at 5pm.  Poster presenters should ensure they are available for the poster session planned for the afternoon of Thursday, November 12th before submitting an abstract.  ISAM and CSAM encourage everyone, especially trainees, to submit abstracts for posters.
          • Invited Presentation: This presentation type is only for invited speakers.  Presentations submitted for this format that have not been invited by Dr. el-Guebaly, Dr. Brasch or designate, will be declined.
          • Additional notes: enter additional information regarding the abstract that is relevant (e.g. the name of the symposium if the abstract is a presentation within a symposium). Please enter “student” in this field if you are a student or trainee at an accredited college or university at any level of study.
  15. Terms and Conditions: must be checked before an abstract can be submitted.
  16. A signed disclosure statement for EVERY author must be uploaded with the abstract submission. Abstracts without the disclosure statements will be declined.  Disclosure Slide: a disclosure slide is required for each oral presentation.  Having a financial disclosure will NOT preclude the acceptance of an abstract.
  17. Abstracts need to be submitted through the online submission form. If you are unable to use this, contact csamconference@gmail.com
  18. After submitting an abstract, the Lead Presenter will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive the confirmation email within 24 hours, please contact csamconference@gmail.com
  19. Publication: ISAM and CSAM will request consent to publish select conference abstracts in the Canadian Journal of Addiction or ISAM affiliate journals.
  20. Abstracts included in the conference proceedings will be available through the conference app.
  21. Abstract cancellation policy: Please do not submit an abstract if you are not confident that you will be able to make the presentation.  Cancellations impose a serious burden on the development of the conference program and may negatively impact the overall quality of the program.  If extenuating circumstances prevent the attendance of a presenter, please notify csamconference@gmail.com as soon as possible so the presentation can be removed from the program.
  22. Decisions regarding abstracts will be completed by August 10th
  23. Abstracts that are accepted:
    • Acceptance emails will be sent after the submission deadline to the Presenter.
    • Once the Presenter has accepted to present, they will receive an email with the date and time of presentation.
    • All presenters (other than invited presenters) must register for the conference and pay the registration fee.
  24. Abstracts that are not accepted:
    • The Presenter will receive an email.
    • Decisions of the Conference Committee are final.

Conference Inquiries:   E-mail: csamconference@gmail.com

We look forward to receiving your abstract.

Poster submission deadline has been extend to August 1, 2020.

To submit an abstract, click on the link below and sign in with your CSAM username and password, OR create a free account selecting the abstract membership option. If you are unable to use this, contact csamconference@gmail.com


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