CSAM 2018 Student Bursary Award Winners

November 16

For the first time ever, we provided four educational bursaries to trainees to attend the conference.  Four students were awarded the CSAM-SMCA Student Bursary Award for the 2018 CSAM Scientific Meeting in Vancouver, BC.

  • Sara Ling
  • Anees Bahji
  • Matthew Downer
  • Nikitah Singhal

Each bursary award included $1000 in funds towards transportation costs and a Superpass to attend the conference and the Fundamentals Course. The purpose of the bursaries was to enable students interested in the field of Addictions Medicine to attend the CSAM conference.

Thank you! I had a wonderful time in Vancouver. I made a number of new professional connections and met a number of people in person who I had only ever connected with via phone and email! I also tremendously enjoyed the presentations, and the fundamentals course. I am most grateful for CSAM’s support to attend the conference and the opportunity to present my work. – Sara Ling

I just wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you to CSAM for the travel bursary and having me attend the conference this year. To say it was a tremendous learning experience would be an understatement. I really enjoyed having the chance to present my poster, the presentations were fantastic and I loved the Dr Peter Centre tour. – Matthew Downer

I really enjoyed the conference a lot. My favourite part of the conference was the chance to connect with people interested in Addictions, and sitting in on the Education Committee meeting. I really enjoyed also all the sessions I attended. The location for the conference, the food, and also the logistics and planning of the conference were well organized. I don’t think I have any negatives to report. – Anees Bahji

“This year’s conference was absolutely incredible — I can’t thank CSAM enough for the opportunity to attend, and for the extremely generous bursary! From the keynote sessions to the workshops, the offerings were highly engaging and educational. It was also a privilege to have the chance to speak with interdisciplinary professionals in the field from across the country, and to learn more about the exciting research taking place at various institutions and in different settings. I am definitely looking forward to next year’s conference and all that lies ahead for CSAM!”- Nikhita Singhal

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