The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine certifies physicians who have demonstrated knowledge, skill, and ongoing commitment to treating addiction in Canadian communities. Patients and families can be confident that physicians who are certified by CSAM-SMCA have the education, experience, and support they need to provide exceptional treatment related to substance use disorders.  Certified physicians must maintain that membership with CSAM-SMCA and be committed to keeping up that medical knowledge and skills in addiction medicine.

Strong knowledge base, expanded clinical skill set

All CSAM-SMCA certificants hold a current Canadian medical licence and have completed postgraduate medical training with certification from the College des Médecins du Québec, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, or the College of Family Physicians of Canada. Each certificant must pass an addiction medicine exam proctored by the International Society of Addiction Medicine, the American Board of Addiction Medicine, or the American Board of Preventive Medicine addiction medicine exam. CSAM-SMCA also accepts physicians who have obtained a Certificate of Added Competence in Addiction Medicine from the Canadian College of Family Physicians, or an Area of Focused Competence Diploma in Addiction Medicine from the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada.

CSAM strong knowledge

Committed to innovation and continuing education

committed to innovation
In addition to demonstrating foundational competence in addiction medicine, CSAM-SMCA certificants are active in the addiction community and committed to continuing education. All CSAM-SMCA certificants submit reference letters outlining their professional status and involvement in the field of addiction medicine, along with a personal statement outlining their current experience and purpose in seeking CSAM-SMCA certification. All CSAM-SMCA certificants are encouraged to take part in ongoing efforts to advance the field of addiction medicine in Canada.

Dedicated to recovery

For patients and families, CSAM-SMCA Certification provides assurance that a physician is a knowledgeable, engaged, and respected member of the Canadian addiction medicine community and can be trusted in the treatment of substance use disorders and addictions.

For physicians, the CSAM-SMCA Certification signifies excellence in the practice of addiction medicine and provides evidence of ongoing commitment to patients, families, and communities seeking to understand and address substance use disorders.

CSAM dedicated to recovery

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