How the COVID-19 Pandemic has Impacted Addiction Medicine Practitioners

"It's important as a clinician to be a person first, be a physician second.”

COVID-19 has not only dramatically changed how those with substance use disorders receive treatment, it has also directly impacted those providing care, according to speakers at a special COVID-19 track at the 2020 ISAM-CSAM Scientific Conference. 

Dr. Baldacchino, President of the International Society of Addiction Medicine, emphasized the pressure the pandemic has placed on the individuals in the health care profession. Both mental and physical effects have been noted, and the experiences of the last few months have prompted the physician health community to become stronger and more aware of the needs of these individuals. 

The pandemic has required healthcare professionals to shift their work environments, to home or remote settings, which has become the norm for many working in the addiction field. They have also been forced to balance their professional work with new demands at home.

Download the full report to read the summarized key findings from the specialized track on COVID-19 and substance use from the 2020 ISAM-CSAM Scientific Conference.

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