LTC Expanded: For Community Residential Substance Use Facilities and Shelters for Those Experiencing Homelessness

Learning Together: Emergency Shelters and Substance Use Facilities

Residential substance use facilities and emergency shelters from across Canada have joined Learning Together to strengthen their pandemic response and vaccine roll-out. Teams are assisted through funding, coaching and peer-to-peer and virtual learning opportunities.

At this time, access to funding and coaching through Learning Together is currently closed. However, the virtual learning series remains open to anyone interested.

Learning Together: Emergency Shelters and Substance Use Facilities is a collaboration between the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and AddictionBC Patient Safety and Quality Council and Healthcare Excellence Canada.

This program was originally launched in February 2021 as LTC Expanded.

The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine is a national society of medical professionals and scientists committed to helping Canadians understand, accept, and recover from substance use disorders.

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